Shuree (pronounced Shuh-REE), a pop artist and worship leader, creates fun and fierce music that inspires people to live passionately, purposefully, and powerfully. But, more importantly, she’s a young woman who’s passionate about helping girls live lives that are healthy, whole and anchored in faith in God.

Throughout her life, she’s had to deal with challenging situations, such as prejudice, divorce, and the loss of a sister to a drug overdose. Fortunately, however, her faith has preserved her and given her a joy and zest for life that no circumstance or tragedy has ever taken away. And, she is committed to sharing her stories with others in the hope that she may inspire them to live life to the fullest even when the unexpected happens.

With the successes of her debut album, “One Girl Can Change the World” and follow up Remix EP “ShureeMIX: Volume 1″, Shuree has gotten the industry’s attention. She is currently working on her upcoming record label-released EP. Stay tuned!

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